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Pure maple syrup. Naturally infused, barrel-aged and smoked maple syrup and maple sugar. Delivered to your doorstep to anywhere in Europe, from our warehouse in Switzerland.
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Natural goodness

Maple syrup was the original natural sweetener, a vegan diet friendly product. Native peoples in North America were the first to recognize 100% pure maple syrup as a source of nutrition and energy.

Maple syrup contains an abundant amount of naturally occurring minerals such as calcium, manganese, potassium and magnesium. It’s a natural source of beneficial antioxidants.

Sweet perfection

Maple syrup is made from the sap of sugar maple, red maple, or black maple trees. In cold climates, these trees store starch in their trunks and roots before the winter; the starch is then converted to sugar that rises in the sap in late winter and early spring.

Maple trees are then tapped by drilling holes into their trunks and collecting the exuded sap, which is processed by heating to evaporate much of the water, leaving the concentrated syrup.

Maple syrup comes in different grades, the dark the syrup the strong the taste of maple. Find out more about maple syrup grades , that suit your taste and uses.

Apple Crisp with Maple Syrup

We source all of our maple products directly from single origin producers in Vermont – all maple syrup comes from the same farm, which is what gives them their distinctive taste.


Runamok Maple is located in northern Vermont, along the western slopes of Mount Mansfield.  Spanning 1,100 acres in Cambridge and 250 acres in Fairfield, the Runamok crew taps 81,000 trees to bring you one of Mother Nature’s most exquisite pleasures: pure maple syrup.

Along with their pure maple syrup, they have created a collection of infused, smoked and barrel-aged maple syrups.  Maple marries exceptionally well with a variety of flavors.  Some of them are tried and true like cinnamon and vanilla and some are unexpectedly out of this world, like their original Makrut lime-leaf.

• Certified Organic • Bird-Friendly Maple Habitat • VMSMA Sugarhouse Certification Program  

Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind

Sugar Bob’s, is a small, “family and friends” maple sugaring operation making their own maple syrup with love, care and dedication. Somewhere along the line they discovered the magic of infusing smoke into our finished syrup, and their kitchen hasn’t been the same since.

They gently infuse their richest and darkest pure maple syrup with hardwood smoke to create this magical and all natural addition to any cuisine. Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind is made from real maple syrup and real hardwood smoke – nothing else added.

Vermont Maple Sriracha

Vermont Maple Sriracha is a collaboration between Big Lenny and Jackson.

A long time fan of sriracha sauce, Jackson was bummed when the sulfite preservatives in his favorite sauce started making him sick. Realizing that most of the ingredients could be sourced locally, and that Vermont maple syrup could be added he asked expert sauce chef Big Lenny to make him some. The results were outrageous and so Vermont Maple Sriracha was born!

Since then they continuously expand on their original offering (like Vermont Maple Sriracha Verde), a slightly hotter version made with Jalapenos. If you love spicy sauces, you will absolutely love Vermont Maple Sriracha products; It makes everything taste better!!

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