Sugar Bob’s Finest Beech Wood Smoked


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Sugar Bob Smoked Maple Syrup is the richest and darkest pure maple syrup infused with hardwood smoke to create a magical and all natural maple syrup. Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind is made from real maple syrup and real beech wood smoke – nothing else added.

Used in small amounts, blended with savory ingredients, Smoked Maple Syrup is a transformative secret addition to the gourmet experience.

If you are looking for a softer smoke flavour, we recommend Runamok Pecan Smoked, for an equally strong but different smoke flavour try out Wood’s Hickory & Oak.

Enjoy with: Vermont Ribs (this will blow your mind!), Amazing Burgers, Grilled Salmon (Maple Store favourite & how this adventure started!!!), Salad Dressing, .. .

Ingredients: Pure maple syrup smoked with Beech Wood.

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59ml, 250ml, 946ml