Runamok Makrut / Kaffir Lime-Leaf Infused


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There are flavors that have a long history of pairing such as cinnamon and vanilla but every once in a while a new marriage pops up that goes beyond, “huh, that’s interesting” straight into, “that is incredible”.

Runamok’s Makrut / Kaffir Lime Leaf Infused Maple Syrup is like that: surprising, addictive and hits a level of deliciousness that is heretofore undiscovered.  Discover it here.

There is just a hint of lime with floral notes to support the sweetness of the syrup.  You just have to trust us and try it.  Use it on crepes and pancakes as well as in cocktails, on fresh fruit or as a glaze on pastries.

Enjoy with: Desserts (adds a beautiful citrus aroma), Salad Dressing (adds a summery/fresh hint), Cocktails (a favourite with Mixologists!), …

Ingredients: Pure organic maple syrup infused with Makrut Lime-leaf.

Grade: Amber Rich

Size: 60ml / 250ml

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