Runamok ‘Pairing Collection’


Runamok ‘Pairing Collection’ is the perfect way to explore different kinds of maple syrups within one great collection.

  • Day + Night: Rye Barrel-aged, Cardamom, Cinnamon + Vanilla, Makrut Lime-leaf
  • Cheese: Hibiscus Flower, Pecan Wood smoked, Elderberry, Bourbon Barrel-aged
  • Tea: Cardamom, Cinnamon + Vanilla, Sugarmaker’s Cut, Makrut Lime-leaf
  • Ice Cream: Cinnamon + Vanilla, Hibiscus Flower, Rum Barrel-aged, Rye Barrel-aged

These are the perfect gift for any discerning foodie or ideal for those very special dinner parties or for those who just cannot decide!

Cheaper when you buy more than one!
Quantity Discount Discounted price
2 - 3 5% CHF19.0
4 - 5 10% CHF18.0
6 + 15% CHF17.0