Runamok ‘Pairing Collection’

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Runamok ‘Pairing Collection’ is the perfect way to explore different kinds of maple syrups within one great collection.

  • Day + Night: Rye Barrel-aged, Cardamom, Cinnamon + Vanilla, Makrut Lime-leaf
  • Cheese: Hibiscus Flower, Pecan Wood smoked, Elderberry, Bourbon Barrel-aged
  • Tea: Cardamom, Cinnamon + Vanilla, Sugarmaker’s Cut, Makrut Lime-leaf
  • Ice Cream: Cinnamon + Vanilla, Hibiscus Flower, Rum Barrel-aged, Rye Barrel-aged

These are the perfect gift for any discerning foodie or ideal for those very special dinner parties or for those who just cannot decide!

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