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Summer is upon us and it is time to be outdoors. Here is our go-to products for every session, a BBQ is not complete without these!


  • Sriracha Original & Verde – Hot sauce for everyone, Seranoe and Jalapeño to make everyone happy!
  • Magic Shake – use it as a rub for meat or vegetables (oven backed potatoes, yummy!), it is packed with heat so use it sparingly!!
  • Sugar Bob’s Beech Wood Smoked – Great as a marinade on vegetables, meat or fish.. cocktails or even with Balsamic as a Salad dressing.. It adds that awesome intense smokiness and natural sweetness to bring out character of any dish!!
  • BBQ Sauce – Made with Sugar Bob’s Smoked Maple Syrup, not to be missed adds a tangy taste and goes well with everything!
  • Wood’s Hickory & Oak – Perfect for vanilla ice cream or those grilled pineapple slices!!

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